Purpose and usefulness of Astrology

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Astrology usefulness is not as widely known as it would be desirable.

Astrology may be seen as an amusing subject to be discussed during social gatherings for lots of people, who look for information about it especially at the begining of the year when numerous predictions are published in most popular magazines. For the sceptics, it is a superstition conceived to entertain the masses and for some people with certain beliefs it is even an infringement of their religious principles.

It is not so strange that there is such wide lack of knowledge about the real purpose of astrology, as this discipline has been the target of various persecutions throughout the years, which forced that its study and practice were reserved for selected groups of people. In addition, some current astrology practitioners have promoted an use of it that is very far from its essential function.

I will indicate some concepts and ideas associated to astrology with the purpose to shed light on its purpose and usefulness.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the influence that planets, luminaries and other astrological points have on both the personality and the circumstances a person will experience throughout his/her life. This study involves both analytical methods and the synthesis of the symbolic language that represent the astrological factors. As a result, astrology is both science and art.

There are various subjects that are closely related to the definition previously stated:

* There is a reciprocal energy dependence in the Universe that goes beyond the simple contact among humans or the chemical reactions produced in a laboratory. In the same way tides are influenced by the Moon and the Sun, human beings are also affected by the vibrations of luminaries and planets.

* The energy we receive from the planets and luminaries at the moment of birth determine our behaviour tendencies, as well as the kind of experiences we will have to live in order to get the most out of our virtues, solve our conflicts and evolve in general terms.

* Each of us is unique with our own aspirations, needs, challenges and abilities that can be seen in the birth chart, which is specific to the time of birth and birthplace.

Fatalism vs. free will

Considering the ideas presented before, it could be thought that we have no choice, because we are rigidly predestined to behave in a particular way and live certain experiences dictated by the planets and luminaries ... but it is not like that ...

Astra inclinant, non necessitant - Stars incline, do not determine


We are not puppets of a capricious God who uses planets and luminaries to dictate our fate with absolutism. On the contrary, God has made us free beings with unique personalities that we can express with different levels of consciousness and with the ability of free will to choose the way we react to the situations we experience; both planets and luminaries are simple tools of God to configure our path.

As a result, the influence we receive from the planets and luminaries determine the foundation of our character, but it is in our power to express it with different levels. Similarly, we tend to live some experiences that can be seen in the birth chart in order to help us develop our potential and learn pending lessons, but we are free to react in different manners to those stimulus and our decisions will take our development in one way or another.

What is Astrology's usefulness?

Astrology can be used to achieve several objectives, but they can be basically summarized in two groups:

Know yourself

The phrase "Know yourself" was inscribed over the entrance to the Oracle of Delphi ... you cannot get the most out of something you do not know well, you cannot improve what you do not know well, you cannot understand the lesson you should learn if you do not know yourself.

Deepening your knowledge

We can recognize some of our features easier than other characteristics or our personality, either because they are virtues accepted in our environment or because they are too obvious. However, several of our actions can be ruled by unconscious elements that can be notorious for other people, but not for ourselves. The birth chart can help us to understand what motivates us to react the way we do, the abilities that we can emphasize to achieve our goals, as well as to obtain guidelines about the way to solve the tensions we feel and we do not know how to face appropriately. In addition, a relationship between two people can be enhanced considerably if they both know themselves and deepen their understanding about the dynamics of the relationship itself.

If you are interested in knowing yourself better, you can request your birth chart interpretation. If you want to guide your children so they can channel their potential, you can request a child birth chart interpretation. If you want to expand the understanding in a personal relationship, you can request a synastry interpretation.

Directing your efforts appropriately


There is a favourable time for everything, either because it will be easier to do it at that precise moment or because we can no longer postpone the lesson we have to learn through an experience we have to live. In this sense, the predictive techniques of astrology can be used to help each person to understand the experiences he/she will tend to live in a given period, with the purpose to make an effective use of his/her abilities, to select the best moment for his/her activities, to face challenges with the finest preparation and to understand the lessons he/she should try to learn during that time so he/she does not loose the opportunity. Therefore, you are not a passive being who receives predictions about his/her future and waits for them to be realized, but a person really interested in evolving, who understands better the energies at play to harmonize with them.

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In short ...

Astrology is an effective guide for personal development and harmonization with universal energies, so we can flow with them instead of struggle with them.

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven".

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Different views

The configuration we receive at birth can be seen in different ways depending on the beliefs a person has: for those who believe in reincarnation, it describes the current stage of development when the person has to respond to various blessings and debts accumulated throughout different lifetimes on the road towards enlightenment, while for others it represents his/her personal essence that should be developed in one lifetime to achieve spiritual elevation.