Birth Chart interpretation

What is a Birth Chart?

Birth chart example

A Birth Chart is a graphical representation of the following significant astrological factors at the time the person was born:

* The houses, which signify the twelve sections the birth chart is divided into. The first section begins with the Ascendant and each house is associated to specific life areas.

* The planetary points located in the appropriate signs and houses, which symbolise principles that are manifested through the characteristics of the sign and in a particular experience area indicated by the house.

* The aspects between planetary points, which indicate different energy connections of the principles ruled by such planetary points.

What kind of information do I get with a Birth Chart interpretation?

When we decipher the codes implicit in the Birth Chart we see the tendencies in the general context of the person's life.

The Birth Chart allow us to go deeply into the potentialities of specific life areas, as well as to reveal the implicit lessons in repetitive patterns that manifest in our life experiences. The moment when these potentialities will be actively felt is verified with the Solar Return Interpretation.

What do you include in a Birth Chart interpretation?


My initial Birth Chart interpretations include personality basics, as well as the whole set of tendencies that shape two (2) life areas in the general context of your life (each person decides what areas are more relevant at the time for her/him). You can ask for additional life areas to be included in an initial Birth Chart interpretation or request supplementary interpretations at a later date with a single consultation.

The aim of this kind of consultation is to review your personality basics so you can balance/maximize your foundation most efficiently and to examine the areas you choose in terms of your whole life, so you can understand the messages, the lessons those experiences involve and to "crack the code" of certain trends.

When would someone benefit most of a Birth Chart interpretation?

This is an example to clarify further the type of situation that may prompt you to request a Birth Chart interpretation:

* Mary has the tendency to live the same situations in her romantic life, which is not satisfactory to her and she usually experiences the same kind of problems even with different life partners. Mary is single now, but she wants to understand what she needs to learn in order to break this vicious cycle, so she can have a happy relationship. An "initial birth chart interpretation" would be convenient for Mary.

What is the process if I want my Birth Chart interpretation done?

You will need to provide me with the following information at the time of booking an appointment with me: date of birth (day, month, year), place of birth (city) and time of birth (if you do not know this, please take a look at rectification).

In all cases a rectification is always needed for an initial Birth Chart interpretation, as the correct time of birth is very critical for an accurate birth chart. Therefore, two sessions are needed, one for the rectification and another one for the actual birth chart interpretation. All sessions are interactive and can be conducted face-to-face at my office, by phone or via Internet (Skype, FaceTime, Yahoo Messenger, etc.).

How long does a Birth Chart interpretation consultation last?

A initial Birth Chart interpretation session lasts an hour and a half on average.

Your Birth Chart is a coded map that indicates your potential.


I use the Birth Chart interpretation to bring or to enhance awareness as the first step, but I also provide recommendations at different levels to help people become the best version of themselves. The Birth Chart is not only a descriptive tool, it also contains keys for evolution.