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Astrologer Elisa Benavides

I am glad you found me! Whether you are specifically looking for an astrology consultation, a piece of Astrology jewellery or just curious about what Astrology can offer you, I invite you to visit the different sections of my website ... you may find far more than you first expected!

Astrology, an ancient discipline as it is, has many different applications in modern life, covering from the most practical to the most spiritual aims ... it all depends on the approach you use when you decode the messages encrypted in Astrology maps.

Astrology as a personal development tool

Each of us has a unique configuration that makes us who we are and an astrologer with an evolutionary approach can help you understand how to be true to yourself through awareness and counselling.

I like very much the ancient saying "Stars incline, do not determine", as it means that all knowledge resulting from an astrological study indicates tendencies, but human beings are free. We certainly come with a set of tendencies in terms of experiences and relationships, but we always have choices and outcomes are different depending on the decisions we make along the way. Even when things seem to be fated, you still have the option to decide what attitude you will have towards the situation and that will certainly have an impact in the ultimate result.

When Astrology is seen as a personal growth tool, the astrologer becomes a guide who brings the keys for such development and it is my purpose to help as many people as I can to become the best version of themselves.

It is my wish this website adds some light to your path and that I get the chance to show you how Astrology can help you navigate your life.

"Astra inclinant, non necessitant"

Stars incline, do not determine