Supplementary Consultations

Life events

An initial Birth Chart interpretation does not include all life areas, but essential subjects that resonate with all vital fields (temperament, behaviour within a group and personality), as well as two life areas that are of special interest for the person at the moment the consultation takes place.

On average, by including temperament, behaviour within a group, personality and two vital areas most needs/requirements of people who consult with me are met, but additional areas may be wanted on certain occasions. In addition, lots of situations at different moments in life may deserve a supplementary revision of the birth chart.

The Solar Return Interpretation is certainly one way to review the energies that get activated for a one-year period and major transits also reveal important tendencies. However, I can give other kind of supplementary consultations that expand/complete the other consultancies with more specificity.

These are some of the additional consultations I can offer:

* Addition of a life area to the initial birth chart interpretation.

* Detailed revision and interpretation of a life area not covered originally with the initial birth chart interpretation.

* Recommendation of most favourable dates and times for special events, considering their nature and the tendencies of the birth chart associated to the person directly involved with such occasions (surgeries, trips/journeys, weddings, openings, etc).

Prices for supplementary consultations vary depending on their actual scope, contact me to talk about your specific case.

A supplementary consultation can either expand or add depth to other Astrology consultations.

Requirements for supplementary consultations

A Birth Chart Rectification is needed for any supplementary consultation.