Testimonial: a statement about the character or qualities of someone or something

"It was a great pleasure to go through this astrological consultation process with Elisa, uniquely different from any astrology chart I have had done before.

Elisa is an intuitive and inspiring interpreter of the stars who brings such intelligence and thoroughness to the task that I feel I have a clear map to the possibilities that may be influencing me for the next year.

The information was forthright and clear and showed not just a deep understanding of her craft but a poetic and compassionate perspective that I found to be a warm and welcome view of my world. I have recommended her services without hesitation to all of my students and all were more than satisfied. I have also invited her to present at my Summer Yoga Intensive this year called Yoga and Your Health because I personally find this information so helpful in guiding my own life in making healthful choices and wish to share this opportunity with others. Health is not just for the body but for the mind and emotions as well and is fed through our relationships ,our work, our attitudes and beliefs as much as through food.

I wholeheartedly recommend her work and can be reached at yogavista@shaw.ca if any further recommendation is required"

Sandra Shotton (Nanaimo - Canada)

RYT (500 hr) Certified Yoga Therapist and Instructor


The testimonials displayed in this page have been written by people who have had Astrology consultations with me; I have been granted their permission to share their words in my webpage, so you can have a better idea about my work.

"Getting a vision of whatever the future might hold for us - specially nowadays, in such a changing world -, knowing how opportunities or events can materialize and give us the ability to prepare ourselves for facing them in the best way possible, is in my opinion an important and valuable resource!

If we can also get to know ourselves better, we can know both the way our attitudes are towards certain events and our strengths/weaknesses, then that would allow us to grow as people and face the challenges and opportunities that come to us.

I have gotten all this thanks to the Astral Chart that Elisa Benavides has done for me and with that the knowledge about the way the events in the future would have for me, the opportunities for change that I have received, the way to face situations, the knowledge about my weaknesses and how to turn them into strengths; all this has allowed me to make the best decisions and face situations or even to let some opportunities pass in certain cases!

Nowadays, it is vital to be able to know what the future holds for us as well as to be able to change it into our favour, here is where Elisa's help has been invaluable to me."

Jorge Viloria (Caracas - Venezuela)

"After the astrological study made by Elisa Benavides, I would like to say that it has really amazed me. This is the first time I have requested this kind of study (including the birth chart, as well as the solar return and transits) and it is surprising both the analytical and extremely exhaustive aptitude to detail every aspect of life, as well as the professionalism shown at the time to study my personality. I have to confess that I completely agree with everything that was told about my character."

Laura Favieres (Valencia - Spain)

"I first had my astrological chart and interpretation done three years ago after hearing about Elisa from a yoga teacher/therapist in my city. I was new to astrology and was completely amazed by the accurate description Elisa was able to give to my personality traits, patterns in my life, etc. The information she gave me regarding the areas of my life which would be highlighted during any given time and the approaches/attitudes I could use to positively deal with the challenges has been extremely helpful to me.

I have enjoyed very much the personal contact with Elisa and look forward each year to my 'solar return' when she interprets for me what energies will be highlighted in the coming year and how I can make the most of my opportunities for growth."

Patricia McWilliams (Nanaimo - Canada)

"I know Elisa both in personal and professional areas and I'd like to tell you about her. She is 100% assertive in her advise; her assessments are of great value considering she's always right in the orientation she might give you about a situation or feeling. She is very kind in communicating everything you must need to know in order to understand the various choices of your path. She offers great recommendations for each case . Also, she is a highly responsible professional and will provide you with a lot more useful information than expected."

Martha Rodriguez (Caracas - Venezuela)

"Elisa Benavides manages to reconcile science with spirituality (a difficult thing) and wrap it all up with respect for the person who comes to her as well as an open attitude to discuss and explain everything one does not understand. She manages to be warm without excessive familiarity, in short, professionalism."

S.M. (Madrid - Spain)

"I wanted to e-mail you to let you know how much you have helped me in my personal life with your Astrology Reports. They have been a great tool to listen to when life has its ups and downs. They have given me direction and helped me make some important decisions in my life.


I don't know where I would be if I did not have a talk with you about my Astrology report. Like I said it has given me the tools to make the right decisions in my life and not to second guess myself - which is a huge problem in my life. So, thank you for your time and for all of your input. What I love about you is the fact that you take the time with each of your readings and allow the client to record their session so they can listen to it later on. You have been fantastic and I just wanted to let you know"

Dora Dalietos (Ottawa - Canada)

... "Now, thanks to you, the secret has been broken and with this new knowledge I feel I can finally act with awareness and clarity. You're a knowledgeable, gifted, dedicated astrologer, and I feel extremely lucky to have found you. Thanks for your help."

S.S. (Gatineau - Canada)