My name is Elisa Benavides and I am an astrologer with an evolutionary approach who is dedicated to help people become the best version of themselves.

Astrologer Elisa Benavides

I am Venezuelan of Spanish origin and my interest in Astrology started when I was very young. I realized very early that Astrology is an excellent tool to understand ourselves better and that things change depending on our awareness level, as well as the decisions we make along the way. And therefore, I embarked on a journey of personal development while I was pursuing other interests in the professional area ... Uranus in my chart impelled me to get interested in Computer Science as well.

My Astrology studies continued in parallel to my professional development in the Information Technology area and I graduated from Centro de Encuentros Astrológicos Venezolano - CEAV in April 2000 (Venezuelan Centre of Astrological Encounters) ... and eventually the time came when I decided to focus on Astrological Consultancy at the professional level after 10 years working in the networking and managed services areas.

Astrology is not the only discipline of esoteric nature that interests me and I like to explore different areas that I think complement what Astrology has to offer. I am very keen on Feng Shui, which I am studying on my own and through seminars (Feng Shui Cultural Centre). I also practice Yoga and Meditation, as they are wonderful tools to align the different levels of our beings.

The effect that gemstones have on people is another area of special interest for me. You can wear the gesmtones associated to your astral configuration or you can use tumbled stones to balance your chakras along with visualization. The more I learned about the healing properties of the gemstones and the relationship between signs/planets/chakras/gems, the more I wanted to integrate all in an appealing format to help people balance their energies. Jewellery is a wonderful way to accomplish this, as gemstones can be in direct contact with the skin while you wear a necklace or a bracelet. Therefore, I started designing and making jewelry with a metaphysical approach.

I currently live in Ottawa - Canada, but my activity as an astrologer is not limited to this city, as both the telephone and the Internet allow me to offer interactive consultations to people in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Spain, United Kingdom, USA and Venezuela among others; this allows the necessary interaction to provide a truly personalized attention. Likewise, I can ship my Astrology jewelry to lots of places (the only restrictions are related to import regulations in certain countries).

My approach is both spiritual and practical ... I reach for the stars while keeping my feet on the ground.

Contact information

Telephone: + 1 613 440-3336


Ottawa ON - Canada

Code of Ethics

All information is strictly confidential: birth data, astral charts, any interpretation of these charts and any information provided to me during consultation.

Only in the case of child birth charts, I interpret for third parties (parents or guardians), so they can use the information to enhance their upbringing scheme.

I always rectify the birth chart in order to have the needed accuracy to make all calculations and astral chart interpretation.