Synastry interpretation

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What is a Synastry?

Synastry is the comparative study of two or more birth charts which is focused on the relationship dynamics.

A Synastry study can be done for various combinations of people, but I limit my comparative studies to relationships between two people: spouses, lovers, parent and child, business partners, friends, etc.

There are many relationship types, from the most emotional and familiar to the most rational and commercial. Similarly, motives to begin and keep relationships may be very diverse; some relationships are even imposed on us. However, all relationships involve harmonious experiences that do not require much effort, as well as complex experiences which strongly demand our attention.

All relationships have a growth potential, because they can reflect those areas of ourselves that require further development; they can also make us act as catalysts for changes other people should face.

What kind of information do I get with a Synastry interpretation?

A Synastry interpretation brings out the keys of the areas that can be overlooked because they are quite harmonious so you have not gotten the best out of it yet. In addition, a Synastry interpretation also points out the areas that cause friction or uneasiness. Therefore, people can become aware of behavioural patterns that have been felt, but not fully understood. Likewise, the underlying mechanics of the relationship is reviewed as well as the way to face all relevant areas for best development. In summary, a Synastry interpretation allows people to understand the dynamics of their relationship, so they can fully develop the easier areas and improve the more challenging aspects of their relationship.

It is important to emphasize that the function of a Synastry interpretation is not to judge whether the relationship is convenient or not, but to highlight both easy and challenging areas, with the purpose to help people enjoy the first ones better and develop constructively the latter.

What is the process if I want a Synastry interpretation done?

If you are requesting a Synastry interpretation and it is the first time either you or your partner are having a consultation with me, one or two rectifications will be needed, as the correct time of birth is very critical for an accurate astrological interpretation. Therefore, various sessions are needed in this case, one/two for the rectification/s and another one for the actual Synastry interpretation.

All sessions are interactive and can be conducted face-to-face at my office, by phone or via Internet (Skype, FaceTime, Yahoo Messenger, etc.).

How long does a Synastry interpretation consultation last?

A Synastry interpretation session lasts one hour and a half on average.

A Synastry is a synthesis of the energies involved in the reciprocal relationship of two people, not detailing their individual configurations.

The collaboration of the people involved in the relationship is necessary to do the synastry, because their involvement is needed for the rectification and because their consent to do this study is required. Consequently, if one person wants a synastry interpretation, but the other party does not cooperate to rectify the birth chart or does not give his/her consent to do the synastry, another consultations are recommended, such as a Birth Chart Interpretation focused on the type of relationship that applies to the case or a Supplementary Consultation.