Solar Return interpretation

What is a Solar Return?

Solar clock

The Solar Return is the moment when the Sun goes back to the same position it was when the person was born; this happens every year around the day of a person's birthday and then becomes the date of the personal "New Year" for such year.

An astrology chart is calculated for the Solar Return each year using the birth chart as a foundation and this new chart indicates life areas that will be activated during that personal year; the interpretation of a Solar Return is done by correlating the Birth Chart and the Solar Return Chart.

What kind of information do I get with a Solar Return interpretation?

The Solar Return gives us the general script for any given year in terms of windows of opportunity. I also consider major transits in a Solar Return interpretation, as they determine the activation of certain circumstances and potentialities of the birth chart for a considerable period of time. Transits are meaningful contacts that planets and luminaries make to the birth positions in their daily path. Some transits are pretty quick and therefore may not imply a transformational process (even though they can act as catalysts for situations already in progress, see Moon highlights add-on for the Moon case), but the transits of the exterior planets turn on major developments.

When we review the Solar Return and major transits by correlating them with the Birth Chart, we see the tendencies in terms of challenges and opportunities that will be active in one year of a person's life (the personal year), as well as the better way to handle them. This is a valuable tool to attain comprehension of experiences and the personal development they can bring to the person.

Rose compass

The aim of this kind of consultation is to review the trends for any given year (personal year), so you can be prepared to identify and handle opportunities more efficiently, to help you plan and be proactive, to shift your perspective when needed ... to favour your development at different levels.

When would someone benefit most of a Solar Return interpretation?

While the Birth Chart interpretation tells us the trends in the general context of a person's life, the Solar Return interpretation indicates which of those tendencies are "awake" during your personal year and how to make the most out of them.

This is an example to clarify further the type of situation that may prompt you to request a Solar Return interpretation:

* Peter is not satisfied with his job and he is considering a career change, but he wants to know if this is a good moment to do so and the best way to carry out this transition/change. A "solar return interpretation" would be convenient for Peter.

What is the process if I want my Solar Return interpretation done?

If you are requesting a Solar Return interpretation and it is the first time you are having a consultation with me, a rectification will be needed, as the correct time of birth is very critical for an accurate astrological interpretation; I also include "personality basics" in a first time consultation with me as it is very essential information to help you balance/maximize your foundation most efficiently. Therefore, two sessions are needed in this case, one for the rectification and another one for the actual Solar Return interpretation. You will need to provide me with the following information at the time of booking an appointment with me: date of birth (day, month, year), place of birth (city) and time of birth.

All sessions are interactive and can be conducted face-to-face at my office, by phone or via Internet (Skype, FaceTime, Yahoo Messenger, etc.).

How long does a Solar Return interpretation consultation last?

A Solar Return interpretation session lasts one hour and a half on average.

Solar return interpretation add-ons

My solar return interpretation includes both the actual Solar Return and major transits (made by exterior planets).

As indicated above, transits made by the exterior planets activate deep processes, while transits made by quicker planetary points may not have such a notable impact on your endeavours; however, if they have a strong influence on your natal configuration, they may continuously act as triggering agents and therefore, become prominent factors in dealing with different areas. Therefore, I have decided to offer some add-ons to my Solar Return interpretations that can help you enhance your awareness and timing.

"Moon highlights" add-on

Lunation cycle

The Moon exerts a strong influence on all of us, as it rules our emotional style, nourishment needs, sense of belonging and natural processes amongs other themes. By paying attention to the transitting Moon we can align our efforts with the lunation cycle in order to improve the outcome of our endeavours.

Moon phases and its position by sign have general meanings that can help us all plan some activities ... but what about the specific impact on our life? what about the actual interaction of the lunation cycle with our own birth chart throughout our personal year?

If Cancer is emphasized in your birth chart, if your natal Moon is strongly aspected or it is placed in a prominent position in your birth chart, then the Moon has an even more notable effect on you and the "Moon highlights" add-on can help you better prepare energetically and plan your activities more effectively.

Your personal year starts every year around the day of your birthday.

Solar Return examples

Anna was born on May 20th, therefore, her Solar Return cycle starts around May 20th every year and ends around May 20th of the following year.

James was born on October 5th, therefore, his Solar Return cycle starts around October 5th every year and ends around October 5th of the following year.