Astrology Party

Astrology party hats

There are different ways to access the knowledge that Astrology can offer:

* Through personalized astrological consultations such as a Birth Chart Interpretation, a Solar Return Interpretation, a Synastry Interpretation or a Supplementary Consultation.

* By studying Astrology formally in a self-taught manner, through workshops, courses or professionally.

* In Astrology parties!

Any party can include a period dedicated to Astrology or you can specifically have a party centred on Astrology. The important thing is to learn while having fun!

What is included in an Astral Elisa's Astrology party ?

Specific activities and the knowledge you can derive from them at the astrological level can vary, depending on the previous insight the group has on esoteric subjects.

The usual activities are:

* Brief introduction of the purpose and usefulness of Astrology.

* Comment of the astrological energies active at the moment.

* Brief private reading (20 minutes approximately), highlighting the key elements of the birth chart for each party guest (birth information of every guest is needed in advance). As this reading does not include a birth chart rectification, I reserve the right to decide what information I can provide depending on the impact that possible variations in the birth time can cause.

How much does a Astrology party cost?

Since there are various possibilities regarding the activities and content for an Astrology party, price is determined for each occasion. However, if the party includes the usual activities (brief introduction of the purpose and usefulness of Astrology, comment of the astrological energies of the moment and a brief private reading for each party guest), price is calculated based on the amount of attendants: CAD $ 30 per person for groups from three (3) to eight (8) people.

An Astrology party is basically a social event where people get to know better the purpose and usefulness of Astrology with practical applications while they have fun.

Requirements for an Astrology party

In addition to the party room where all guests will be located, a private space will be needed to allow for the individual readings.