What is a Birth Chart Rectification?

Birth Chart Rectification consists in birth time verification.

doubting birth time

Why is a Birth Chart Rectification important?

All astrological interpretation depends on some level of the birth chart, which is calculated based on the place of birth, date of birth and time of birth. While all birth certificates include the place of birth and the date of birth, birth time records have not always been considered important and accuracy is not always the rule.

Unless the nurse, midwife or someone present at birth had a strong Virgo influence, your time of birth may have been rounded to the nearest fifteen minutes (10:15, 10:30, etc.); even parents interested in Astrology may have not registered the birth time of their children correctly because of the circumstances of the moment.

I do not know my birth time, can you help me?

If the time of birth is "known" or the uncertainty about it does not extend beyond 30 minutes, then a basic rectification applies, otherwise, an extended rectification may be required.

How long does a Rectification consultation last?

A basic rectification session usually lasts 20 minutes, whereas an extended rectification requires an interactive session and additional work on my behalf.

All first time consultations require Birth Chart Rectification.

The Rectification of the Birth Chart only provides the corrected birth time. Therefore, a rectification is usually requested with other Astrology services that include some type of interpretation.