Tutelary angels based on your birth chart

Tutelary angels

The belief in tutelary or guardian angels has been held for centuries across all the globe and basically refers to a spirit who protects a person or a group of people.

Angels can manifest in our lives in different ways, whether we are aware of them or not: sometimes a stranger helps us, a "coincidence" occurs which protects us or takes us on a different road, etc; sometimes we act as Angel's assistants even if we do not know it. As messengers of God, angels ease the flow of energy at all levels in the Universe.

According to Kabbalah there are 72 tutelary or guardian angels who have the mission to help us in our evolutionary journey. All angels can assist us throughout our life, but some of them are specially meaningful and close to us, as they support us in learning specific areas of cosmic knowledge and their application in this world.

Each person has various tutelary or guardian angels who can be identified by studying his/her birth chart (Birth Chart Interpretation).

Why is it important for me to know my Tutelary angels based on my birth chart?

Kabbalah tells us that our tutelary angels escorted our soul to Earth when we were born and accompany us until we leave this plane.

By knowing our tutelary angels, we can acquire valuable knwoledge to improve our lives and other's peoples lives:

* we can better understand ourselves so we can fulfill our higher purposes.

* we can learn important lessons to manifest knowledge and light for your own and other's sake in all levels of existence.

* we can understand the energies at play to identify the pitfalls we should avoid.

What is the process if I want to learn who are my tutelary angels and their message?

You will need to provide me with the following information at the time of booking an appointment with me: date of birth (day, month, year), place of birth (city) and time of birth (if you do not know this, please take a look at rectification), as I need to calculate your birth chart.

In all cases a rectification is always needed, as the correct time of birth is very critical for an accurate birth chart. Therefore, two sessions are needed, one for the rectification and another one for discussing the tutelary angels.

All sessions are interactive and can be conducted face-to-face at my office, by phone or via Internet (Skype, FaceTime, Yahoo Messenger, etc.).

The word "angel" comes from the Latin word "angelus" meaning messenger.

Do I need to have certain religious or spiritual beliefs to learn about my tutelary angels?

You only need to believe that angels exist.

Although I mention Kabbalah as the source of the information I provide about tutelary angels, you do not need to know anything about this tradition.

I truly believe that different philosophies, spiritual techologies and beliefs can provide us with a broader and richer perspective to improve our lives.

An open mind, an open heart ... do not hesitate to ask about your tutelary angels if the information in this page resonates with you, no matter your religious or spiritual path.