The Sun in the search for your identity

Almost everyone knows their Sun sign, even though some people are not aware that their "sign" is actually their Sun sign. For example, if you were born on December 9th, your Sun sign is Sagittarius.

Contrary to what lots of people think, Astrology is not just about your Sun sign; this is just one factor amongst several other astrological variables. However, the Sun in your birth chart is a very important part of your configuration as it represents your individuality, your essence, what constitutes your center at all levels.

Sun symbol

The astrological symbol of the Sun is a circle with a dot at the center (also used by ancient Egyptians who had a heliocentric cosmology as other ancient cultures). One way of interpreting this symbol is to consider the circle as the enclosure of the self, with the dot signifying the core of our being. Therefore, the position of the Sun in your birth chart by both sign and aspectation explains your inner self ... not just what is automatic in you to that respect, but what you are and should develop to fulfill your potential.

It is easier for some people to recognize the characteristics usually associated to their Sun sign as descriptive of their behaviours, while some other people feel those traits are less emphasized in their conduct. The Sun is a very important factor, but some people experience other parts of their beings in a more intense way, project their Sun onto others or focus their Sun on specific parts of their lives; it all depends on the aspectation of their Sun in their birth charts.

Whatever is your case, I would like you to move away from the notion that Astrology is a descriptive tool, so instead of thinking if you have the features traditionally connected to your Sun sign, I propose you use Astrology as an evolutionary tool by trying the following:

a) Make sure that you really know what your Sun sign is. If you do not know your Sun sign with certainty (for example if you were born near a cusp, see Are you certain about your Sun sign? for more info), do ask an Astrologer to verify that for you.

b) Think of the traits related to your Sun sign (I encourage you to read what applies to you here Star signs) ... How do you feel when you express the positive side of those traits? Do you have a feeling of accomplishment? Do these qualities make you feel special? What do you feel when people around you express those attributes constructively?

The Sun

Evidently there are not only 12 types of individualities. What the Sun shining through each sign of the Zodiac gives us are indications of the path to follow and some of the traits to develop, but your natal Sun should be seen in the context of your birth chart to get the whole picture of your individuation process (what houses are impacted by your Sun, the aspects of this luminary with the rest of the astrological points, etc.).

There may be times when expressing your Sun sign positively may be challenging, but when you manage to radiate what you have cultivated in your inner core, it is a very rewarding process, it may make you feel special, empowered, accomplished ... as radiant as the Sun. Even if restricted to some areas of your life, "living your Sun sign" positively is a powerful way of cultivating your individuality.

The Sun is at the center of our Solar system, it emanates light and heat. Similarly, the Sun in your birth chart specifies the way you can shine as an individual ... there are variations to the general tune sung for every sign of the Zodiac, but that is a starting point in becoming a whole individual ... I invite you to keep exploring your individuality by learning more about the Sun in your birth chart.

The Sun is the vital principle in our birth chart

Solar Cycle

The Sun stays between 28 and 30 days in each sign of the Zodiac.