Are you certain about your Sun sign?

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Many publications indicate fixed dates for the Sun entrance in each sign of the tropical system; these dates do not normally coincide when you verify different sources and that confuses people with little astrological knowledge.

The fact is that the dates when the Sun enters each sign are different every year; factors that determine the actual dates include the occurrence of leap years, as well as the earth's precession.

I indicate below the dates the Sun entered each sign during 2005 to exemplify this explanation, considering Greenwich Mean Time (GMT):

Aquarius 19 Jan, 23h 23m 18 Feb, 13h 32m
Pisces 18 Feb, 13h 33m 20 Mar, 12h 33m
Aries 20 Mar, 12h 34m 19 Apr, 23h 37m
Taurus 19 Apr, 23h 38m 20 May, 22h 47m
Gemini 20 May, 22h 48m 21 Jun, 06h 46m
Cancer 21 Jun, 06h 47m 22 Jul, 17h 41m
Leo 22 Jul, 17h 42m 23 Aug, 00h 46m
Virgo 23 Aug, 00h 47m 22 Sep, 22h 33m
Libra 22 Sep, 22h 34m 23 Oct, 07h 42m
Scorpio 23 Oct, 07h 43 m 22 Nov, 05h 15m
Sagittarius 22 Nov, 05h 16m 21 Dec, 18h 35m
Capricorn 21 Dec, 18h 36m 20 Jan, 05h 15m

As you can see in the table above, the Sun entered Aquarius on January 19th, 2005 at 23h 23m (Greenwich Mean Time). However, the Sun entered Aquarius on January 20th, 2006 at 05h 16m (Greenwich Mean Time). This explains why some people may be wrong in thinking they know their sun sign.

Are you certain about your Sun sign?


A cusp is the boundary between either two signs or two astrological houses.

Your Sun sign

If you were born between the 18th and the 24th of any month (near a cusp), it would be specially advisable to verify your sun sign with an astrologer.