Astrological mosaic

Zodiac mosaic at Beit Alpha synagogue

Astrological knowledge extends only to the Sun sign for many people and even that information can be erroneous if the person was born on a cusp (date when the Sun changes sign); if this is your case, I suggest you to visit Are you certain about your Sun sign?

The Sun sign is a very strong influence in relation to the personality and circumstances each person can experience in certain life areas; this is because the Sun represents the personal essence and therefore it is given great importance in the astrological analysis. However, in some birth charts, the Sun can be manifested in restricted areas or it can even be little developed depending on the aspects involved. In addition, the Sun is not the only relevant element, as each planetary point represents a vital principle vibrating through a given sign, which can be different to the Sun sign. In short, each of us is an individual and unique astrological mosaic, whose configuration depends on the specific birth date, birthplace and birth time.

Each of us is an astrological mosaic composed by the planetary points, which are referred to different elements, such as:

* our personal essence.

* our emotional style.

* the way we learn and communicate.

* the manifestation of our affections.

* our self-esteem and the manner we feel self-assured.

* what amuses us, helps us to expand our horizons and the style to exercise authority.

* the way we assume responsibilities and restrictions.

* the need of freedom and the sense of being unique.

* our spiritual connection and the expression of our compassion.

* the regeneration ability and change acceptance.

There are some additional astrological factors such as the Ascendant and the Midheaven, which also contribute in a notorious way to the mosaic of our energy being.


As each person is an astrological mosaic, where each astrological point can be manifested through a sign different to the Sun sign and some elements can be strengthened by aspect, there is not always a strong connection to the Sun sign. Regrettably, this has produced doubts about Astrology's validity in some people without enough knowledge about Astrology, as it turns out that this discipline is far more complete and specific than a general classification based on twelve types.

There are more than 12 types of people, even though there are only 12 signs, because each astrological point can be expressed in a different sign. It is as if each astrological factor manifested through a glass whose colour depended on the sign location and its form changed according to the reciprocal relations of the planetary points. As a result, each of us would be like a stained glass comprised of various crystals of different colours and shapes.

If we only considered the possibilities associated to the luminaries by sign in a birth chart, we would have to make a list of Sun - Moon pairs for each Sun sign. This will allows us to know the amount of different mosaics as far as individuality and emotional style is concerned (the Sun and the Moon respectively). If we only consider the combinations of people whose Sun sign is Aries and vary the Moon sign, we will have the following:

Sun Moon
Aries Aries
Aries Taurus
Aries Gemini
Aries Cancer
Aries Leo
Aries Virgo
Aries Libra
Aries Scorpio
Aries Sagittarius
Aries Capricorn
Aries Aquarius
Aries Pisces

The table above includes 12 variations and it would be necessary to fill twelve tables similar to this one in order to know all Sun - Moon possibilities. The Sun sign would be fixed in each table and signs would vary on the column associated to the Moon.

In mathematical terms, a permutation with repetition should be calculated nr where

n is the number of signs to be chosen (12)


r is the number of astrological points that form the mosaic (2 in this case: the Sun and the Moon).

If we consider the Sun - Moon case indicated before, the amount is 122 = 144, so there are 144 Sun - Moon possibilities. If we decided to consider some astrological points such as Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, then r = 10, even though some variations are not possible.

Mercury can only be situated in the same sign as the Sun, the one that precedes it or the one that follows it in the ecliptic system; for example if the Sun is in Libra, Mercury will be placed in Libra, Virgo or Scorpio. As a consequence, only 12*3 combinations are possible within the 122 considered in the permutation with repetition (12 sun signs and three combinations for each of them). Therefore, [122 - (12*3)] should be excluded from nr.

Venus can only be situated in the same sign as the Sun, the one that precedes it, the previous one, the one that follows the sign where the Sun is located or the next one in the ecliptic system; for example if the Sun is in Libra, Venus will be placed in Libra, Virgo, Leo, Scorpio or Sagittarius. As a consequence, only 12*5 combinations are possible within the 122 considered in the permutation with repetition (12 sun signs and three combinations for each of them). Therefore, [122 - (12*5)] should be excluded from nr.

The calculation to determine all possible combinations of the 10 astrological points previously mentioned by sign in a birth chart is as follows:

1210 - [122 -(12*3)] - [122 - (12*5)] = 61,917,364,032

and this calculation does not include all astrological points or the combinations of aspects between them!!!

In short, each person is a mosaic made up by different energies in a special way. Astrology considers every being as an unique expression as far as the energy configuration and life experiences are concerned. Therefore, when Astrology is practiced seriously, it can help people to gain a better understanding of themselves and understand the repetitive patterns in certain vital areas so lessons can be learned, challenges can be faced successfully, opportunities can be seized and an authentic realization can be achieved.

The planetary points include the luminaries, the planets, the moon nodes and the Arabic parts.

The planetary points

The luminaries: The Sun and the Moon.

The planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The Moon nodes: the North Node and the South Node.

The Arabic parts: points calculated considering three different factors in the birth chart (luminaries, planets and angles); the most widely used is the Part of Fortune (a.k.a. Lot of Fortune).