Karmic Astrology

Astrology can offer guidance to any person, whatever his/her religious or spiritual beliefs, as it deals with live energies and our sensitivity to such vibrations.

tri-spiral at Newgrange

Among all indications contained in a birth chart, there is the "vital mission", which is what we are destined for in this lifetime, something that can bring transcendental satisfactions and a more profound evolution if developed properly.

For those who think we have only one existence on Earth, this vital mission corresponds to what we should develop to evolve in a more thorough manner.

For people who believe in reincarnation, the vital mission assumes a karmic meaning, which is associated to a set of past lives that configure the current life pattern. Consequently, actions and achievements of past lives determine the special lessons to be learned in this lifetime.

Even though the birth chart as a whole indicates lessons of varied nature, some particular elements define the vital mission.

Karmic astrology function is not to give information about past lives in terms of historical periods, nations or professions. The goal is to explain accumulated energies and lessons, which can help us to evolve faster by focusing on activities, attitudes and abilities to be developed in this existence.

If you are interested in your vital mission, you can choose this subject as part of the initial interpretation of your birth chart; if you did not included this topic in the initial interpretation of your birth chart, you can request a single consultation to learn about it.

The image of the tri-spiral is a photo of a stone carving found in Newgrange - Ireland.

Your vital mission is the core of your evolutionary path.

Although the word "karma" is associated to the Indian tradition, the concept is actually common to various beliefs all over the world.