Virgo symbol

Element: Earth.

Quality: Mutable.

Animal: the Mouse.

I analyze.


Ruler: Mercury.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.

The glyph of Virgo represents a woman holding a sheaf.

Gems related to Virgo



The word jade comes from the term "piedra de ijada", meaning "stone of the hip". This term was used by the Spaniards during the Conquest, as the Aztecs utilised this stone to heal kidney diseases.

Notables born under the sign of Virgo

Agatha Christie

* Agatha Christie

* Alexander von Humboldt

* Julio Cortázar

* Mario Benedetti

* José Félix Ribas

* Hicham El Guerrouj

* Jacinto Convit

* Paulo Coelho

* Jesse Owens

* Mariana Pineda.

How much Virgo do you have?

If your Sun sign is Virgo, it is quite probable that you analyze the position of the Sun in your sign, and therefore, you will be honoring Virgo's motto: "I analyze". However, there may be some Virgo in you even if your natal Sun is not in that sign.

The position of the Sun describes our core, our essence. Therefore, a person born when the Sun was in Virgo can identify with the Virgin characteristics in a logical and modest manner; these features are very Virgoan. However, every person is a mosaic of energies and each astrological factor represents various facets of our configuration; that is why the Virgo energy can be part of your potential at a different level from the Sun. Some people may have several astrology points in Virgo, while others just have a few or none in this sign.

I will describe in broad brushstrokes what Virgo can mean when it manifests through some astrological variables so you may have an idea.

If your Ascendant is Virgo (a.k.a. Rising sign), you will recognize a detailed approach in your initiatives, as well as a responsible tendency to develop them. In addition, you will tend to present yourself to the world with tidiness and modesty.

The Moon can be in any sign of the Zodiac independently of the Sun's position at birth. Consequently, you will tend to analyze your emotions, even if, for example, you are a spontaneous Sagittarius.

If your Sun sign is Leo, Virgo or Libra, then it is possible that Mercury was in Virgo when you were born and this will grant you an analytical mind and a restrained communication style (for example, a person with the Sun in Leo can be enthusiastic, but his/her mind will tend to review all details if Mercury is in the sign of the Virgin). Likewise, if your Sun sign is Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra or Scorpio, it is probable that Venus is in Virgo in your birth chart, which will influence you to be selective with your relationships and to show your feelings discreetly.

The planet Mars can manifest in your case through Virgo no matter what your Sun sign is and if so, you will reaffirm yourself through actions that render a service by showing both a hard-working approach and certain obsession with excellence. Analogously, Jupiter can be in Virgo in your natal chart independently of your Sun sign, which will make you enjoy activities where order and detail are prominent; this will also help you to exercise authority with a service-oriented approach. You will tend to assume responsibilities with a methodical and exigent attitude if Saturn is in the sign of the Virgin in your birth chart.

If you belong to the generation of people born under Uranus in Virgo, you will see changes as a way to refine processes/things with the purpose to improve the details, especially at the practical level.

The essence of Virgo is to optimize through a methodical process, which can be expressed through any of the areas referred above and at different levels, both positive and not so evolutionary, depending on your birth chart as a whole and your free will.

You can make good use of the best Virgo can give you in the area where you have received that energy, but it will all depend on the conscious choices you make. The search for improvement can lead to an obsessive fixation with perfection that clouds the global vision of the project, but such search can also induce to the application of the analysis and precision needed to improve the results.

Do you recognize something of Virgo in you?

Body parts ruled by Virgo

Intestines and sympathetic nervous system.

Colours associated to Virgo





Forest green

Forest Green

Pearl grey

Pearl Grey