The art of using gemstones as an evolutionary support

Natural gemstones have properties we can use to support our efforts, so we can improve different areas of our lives.

Gemstones as an evolutionary support

What are the most appropriate gemstones for each person? By using Astrology as a diagnostic tool, you can clearly understand the key points to be reinforced or balanced in the evolutionary path of a person. In this sense, the birth chart can be viewed both in terms of the sign/planet conjugation and the chakra system.

Some notions that allow us to define the most suitable gemstones for each person revolve around the following questions:

• What characteristics of my potential I am not exploiting enough?

• What particularities of my character are recurring obstacles to achieve my goals?

• What are my vulnerabilities in connection with my emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health?

• What chakras I should take care of more carefully based on my predispositions?

Everything is based on the person's tendencies, which manifest in greater or lesser degree throughout time, depending of the attention we have paid to our learning process. Consequently, the gemstones you may require today, can be less critical tomorrow, because each cycle demands us to focus on specific lessons.

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Choosing the natural gemstones that tune in with your needs at any moment in your life is a process that involves both help from a professional in this area and using your own intuition.

Gemstones for different purposes:

• To make up for deficiencies.

• To emphasize strenghts.

• To protect your energy.

• To reinforce an intention.