Child Birth Chart interpretation

What is the purpose of a Child Birth Chart?

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A child birth chart has the same form of the one associated to an adult, but its interpretation has a different perspective. The purpose of this kind of consultation is to provide parents or guardians with keys to bring a better and happier development to the child.

Every individual has a way to communicate, to learn, to feel, to express his/her identity, to be self-assured, etc. That natural tendency can be on the same wavelength or not with the way that person is expected to behave. It all depends on his/her family circle and the society where he/she grows up.

Sometimes parents want their children to conform with a specific behaviour model, not considering that this little person is an individual with his/her own personality and interests. If parents are introverted, they may feel shocked by an outgoing child. If parents are sports enthusiasts, they may want their children to play some sport, but these children may be more interested in music or other activities.

There are countless examples of situations that should attract parents or guardians attention while the child is growing up. In all cases an astrological consultation provides parents or guardians with knowledge that will allow them to complete, redirect or reinforce their natural upbringing plan, by adapting it to the needs of each of their children.

What do you include in a Child Birth Chart interpretation?

A Child birth chart interpretation brings a better understanding of the child's temperament, group behaviour, personality, individuality and self-esteem, emotional style, learning and communication, predisposition to illnesses and special aptitudes.

What is the process if I want a Child Birth Chart interpretation done?

You will need to provide me with the child's following information at the time of booking an appointment with me: date of birth (day, month, year), place of birth (city) and time of birth.

The interpretation session is interactive and can be conducted face-to-face at my office, by phone or via Internet (Skype, FaceTime, Yahoo Messenger, etc.).

How long does a Child Birth Chart interpretation consultation last?

A Child Birth Chart interpretation session lasts one hour and a half on average.

Child Birth Chart interpretations give parents/guardians insights to help their children achieve their full potential.

This is the only case where the birth chart interpretation is communicated to a third person, instead of the owner of the birth chart. The assumption is that parents / guardians want only the best for their children.

Rectification is not possible in a child's case. However, the impact of possible variations in the birth time initially provided is verified before the interpretation is made.