Astrology for corporate events

Astrology can add a special touch to events held by corporations for their staff or clients, as it can provide meaningful insights to participants.

Astrology mini-reading

Different corporate events can benefit from either personal astrological advice or change in group's dynamics based on the participant's birth charts; some of these events may be:

• Holiday parties.

• Product or service launches.

• Retreats.

• Team building activities.

Team building with Astrology

Team building activities using Astrology can provide a fun and helpful way to achieve different purposes, such as:

Team building with Astrology

• improving communication within a group.

• helping your team to learn/recognize better their strenghts.

• changing people's perspectives on their colleagues so they can cooperate better.

The possibilities for team building activities are varied and depend on your primary objectives for the event.

Astrology mini-readings of about 10 or 15 minutes can be part of the activities for any corporate event, either as the main Astrology focus or as an additional activity to team building.

Astrology in the corporate world can encompass different possibilities from mini-readings to team building activities based on the participants' birth charts.


Astrology mini-readings can provide people with insights about their personal development by highlighting the key elements of their birth chart.