Aquarius symbol

Element: Air.

Quality: Fixed.

Animal: the Man.

I know.


Ruler: Uranus.

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun.

The glyph of Aquarius represents the waves made by the Water Bearer.

Gems related to Aquarius

Malachite with Azurite

Azurite with malachite

The word azurite comes from the Persian word "lazhward" meaning blue and the word malachite is derived from the Greek word "moloche" (leaf-green).

Azurite and Malachite are frequently found together, as a consequence of chemical processes that transform partially the former into the latter.

Notables born under the sign of Aquarius

Antonio Jose de Sucre

* Antonio José de Sucre.

* José Martí.

* Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer.

* Vicente Blanco Ibáñez.

* Plácido Domingo.

* Abraham Lincoln.

* Wolfang Amadeus Mozart.

* Galileo Galilei.

* Anna Pavlova

How much Aquarius do you have?

If your Sun sign is Aquarius, it is quite probable that you think "I know I am Aquarius", as Aquarius' motto is "I know". However, there may be some Aquarius in you even if your natal Sun is not in that sign.

The position of the Sun describes our core, our essence (it is not a coincidence that the Sun's symbol is a circle with a dot in the centre!). Therefore, a person born when the Sun was in Aquarius can identify with the Water Bearer's attributes in an original and friendly manner ... originality and friendliness are certainly very Aquarian! However, every person is a mosaic of energies and each astrological factor represents various facets of our configuration; that is why the Aquarius energy can be part of your potential at a different level from the Sun. Some people may have several astrology points in Aquarius, while others just have a few or none in this sign.

I will describe in broad brushstrokes what Aquarius can mean when it manifests through some astrological variables so you may have an idea.

If your Ascendant is Aquarius (a.k.a. Rising sign), you will recognize certain level of independence and inventiveness in you as far as the way you begin your activities is concerned. In addition, you will tend to present yourself to the world with a lot of originality.

The Moon can be in any sign of the Zodiac independently of the Sun's position at birth. Consequently, your emotional style may have the unpredictability so characteristic of Aquarius, even if, for example, your Sun manifests the Taurean constancy.

If your Sun sign is Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, then it is possible that Mercury was in Aquarius when you were born and this will grant you an abstract mind as well as a very peculiar communication style (for example, a person with the Sun in Capricorn can be very structured, but he/she will tend to express his/her ideas in an unusual way if Mercury is in Aquarius). Likewise, if your Sun sign is Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces or Aries, it is probable that Venus is in Aquarius in your birth chart, which will influence you to manifest a strong need for independence in your personal relationships and to value intellectual exchange in them, even if you have an emotional essence (e.g. a Sun in Pisces).

The planet Mars can manifest in your case through Aquarius no matter what your Sun sign is and if so, you will have good energy levels (especially mentally) and you will tend to reaffirm yourself in an unconventional way by mostly defending original and avant-garde causes. Analogously, Jupiter can be in Aquarius in your natal chart independently of your Sun sign, which will express enjoyment of peculiar and fraternal activities, as well as authority exertion with an horizontal sense (equality and independence).

If Saturn is in the sign of the Water Bearer in your birth chart, you will try to assume responsibilities in an innovative and altruistic way; in addition, you will acquire experience through knowledge as well as by immersing yourself into humanitarian causes.

If you belong to the generation of people born under Uranus in Aquarius, you will want to innovate through changes that bring significant progress to groups.

The essence of Aquarius is to innovate with a futuristic and integrationist vision, which can be expressed through any of the areas referred above and at different levels, both positive and not so evolutionary, depending on your birth chart as a whole and your free will.

You can make good use of the best Aquarius can give you in the area where you have received that energy, but it will all depend on the conscious choices you make. The need to modernize with independence and originality can lead to certain level of anarchy or to fantastic projects that may be difficult to implement, but it can also provide brilliant solutions for the wellbeing of a group.

Do you recognize something of Aquarius in you?

Body parts ruled by Aquarius

Lower legs and ankles.

Colours associated to Aquarius

Electric blue

Electric Blue

Silver grey

Silver Grey

Ocean green

Ocean Green

Cobalt blue

Cobalt Blue