Living a Mercury Retrograde period creatively

Mercury retrograde creatively

As I have previously commented in another article (see, we should not paralyze or use Mercury retrograde as a scape goat for whatever problem we have, that is not the reason this cycle happens periodically. Instead of looking at it as a terrible thing, think of Mercury retrograde as an opportunity for revision, planning ... like a break to reconsider things, to slow down as far as mercurial subjects is concerned, so you can come back better prepared when Mercury is direct again.

First of all, please keep in mind that not all people will be affected and there are specific implications depending on the birth chart of those who will be impacted by this transit. However, it is a fact that Mercury themes, such as communication, travel and commerce amongst others will tend to be affected for a large group of people; people with planetary points in Gemini or Virgo are more likely to be affected.

As I am a convinced advocate of using Astrology with an evolutionary approach, I always encourage people to live Mercury retrograde cycles with awareness and creativity, that is by planning ahead considering what Mercury retrograde is all about and by paying attention to the way your mercurial activities develop so you can react accordingly when you notice there is a message.

Some people tend to live Mercury retrograde periods with awareness, but not creatively ... what is the difference?

If you live a Mercury retrograde cycle with awareness, you know this period is happening, its general implications and you are attentive to recognize signals that show it is affecting you.

If you live a Mercury retrograde creatively, you plan ahead to get the most out of a Mercury retrograde period and you respond to the signals it is affecting you by changing course, transforming your attitude, etc.

Awareness is great and it is the first step, but it is far better to take a step further by using Astrology creatively ...

Obviously, to get the most out of a Mercury retrograde period, you need to check if this cycle will affect your birth chart, when during the cycle and for how long, as well as the specifics of your case and you are more than welcome to request an Astrology consultation with me that will cover this ( However, as a general rule and adding a bit to what I already suggested in the articles referred in the links above, I will recommend the following:

* Reserve some time before a Mercury period to review your particular situation and scheduled activities for the upcoming months from a mercurial point of view (involving Mercury themes) ... stop running and give yourself the chance to use your energy most efficiently.

* If you have already scheduled mercurial activities for dates during this Mercury retrograde cycle, please make a very thorough review of the set-up to cover your bases and prepare contingency plans for Mercury-related things.

* If you are thinking to schedule a mercurial event and the date depends on you, weigh pros and cons of postponing it until Mercury turns direct ... sometimes it makes no practical sense to postpone an event, even when you may encounter some obstacles along the way; in this case, it may be convenient to go ahead anyway to promote your own development at some level, but you can face difficulties better if you know Mercury retrograde message.

* Try to schedule major computer/handheld/mobile program upgrades before or after this Mercury retrograde cycle.

* Reflect on the obstacles/delays you encounter and look at them as opportunities to either use your time in a different way or plant the seeds you will harvest later.

I challenge you to use the next Mercury retrograde cycle creatively ... it is well worth it!

Mercury turns retrograde about three times per year for about three weeks each time.

Retrograde planet

Apparent backward movement of a planet in its orbit as viewed from Earth (geocentric perspective).